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Improve accountability and better manage mobile workers with geofences.

Don't forget our Voice/Photo Documentation features compliment and enhance our Geofences capability. Utilize both as your complete mobile worker management solution and realize significant reduction of field to office call volumes and improved productivity. Learn more about our Voice/Photo Documentation >>

  • Provide automatic proof of performance when the drivers enter and exit the geofence to document customer visits.
  • Automatic alerts let you know when workers arrive or depart a site without the need to call the office.
  • Simple to set up for any worker or all workers, as well as any location, or all customer locations.

users fence locations

Import addresses to create your geofences quickly and view activity on a map or dashboard.


Geofences can also be displayed in a satellite map view.



ABOUT pdvConnect

pdvConnect is an easy-to-use workforce management solution that not only tracks mobile workers via GPS, but also quickly captures and documents field activity and worker status.Offered in both Pro and Standard packages, pdvConnect helps companies and field staff communicate more efficiently and effectively in today’s mobile world.


If you have any product questions, or you would like a pdvConnect salesperson to provide a webinar and a live demonstration of our pdvConnect solution for your business, please contact us.


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