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Faster Reporting from the Field

Enhance communications critical to daily operation and safety of the community


An effective and safe field reporting solution significantly increases the speed and accuracy of communications from the field. pdvConnect allows your officers to report incidents quickly without delays and reduce radio traffic. Dispatchers and managers can improve their response time to time-sensitive inquires with the ability to handle calls based on their importance.


Benefits at a Glance

  • iPhone Support
    Feature-rich and user-friendly, now with improved location accuracy.
  • Geo-fencing Location Alerts
    Monitor performance, time, date, entry/exit of a location for each driver on the road.
  • Mobile Forms
    Allows for confirmation of delivery or service, work orders, estimates and more directly from Android or iOS devices.
  • Signature Capture
    Use your finger or stylus to sign directly on Android or iOS devices. Can be used alone or with various mobile forms.

pdvConnect-pdvConnect Advantages


Incident Report
Officers document situations or conditions with photos, location and voice quickly and can get back to patrolling. A dispatcher receiving the officer's report can send a text message to get additional details or send a confirmation.

Out of Service/Hospital
Officers can quickly update their availability and status. Dispatchers can see on a map the officers' locations and status.

Shifts Available Notice
Managers send just one message to inform all employees of available shifts with the Team Notifier feature. Each recipient presses 1 to speak their confirmation, then the sender can verify who did or did not listen to the message and follow up.


*Available on pdvConnect Pro version only.

Improve operational efficiency and enhance customer service with pdvConnect's workforce management solution.

Manage Workers with Operational Ease

  • Include optional photos and locations to improve accountability, and solve issues faster.
  • Drastically reduce time spent waiting on-hold that results in lost productivity.
  • Dramatically less mobile usage helps reduce distraction risk and liability while driving.
  • Confirm that messages were received.
  • Get answers from the office while in the field to complete jobs and reduce follow up calls.

Communicate More Efficiently with Staff

  • Reduce incoming voice calls from the field by as much as 50% or more and accomplish more tasks.
  • Identify the subject of calls before listening to each one to easily prioritize and handle calls based on importance.
  • Contact multiple officers at a time, check to see who listened and follow up if necessary.
  • Archive, forward and create reports to track customer issues and mitigate risk.

pdvConnect enables officers to select a pre-defined subject line, voice record, take photos and communicate without delays.





Dispatchers prioritize incoming issues by scanning the message subjects, viewing photos, time and date stamps. Responses can be sent via text to confirm receipt, give additional instructions or request more details.

ABOUT pdvConnect

pdvConnect is an easy-to-use workforce management solution that not only tracks mobile workers via GPS, but also quickly captures and documents field activity and worker status.Offered in both Pro and Standard packages, pdvConnect helps companies and field staff communicate more efficiently and effectively in today’s mobile world.


If you have any product questions, or you would like a pdvConnect salesperson to provide a webinar and a live demonstration of our pdvConnect solution for your business, please contact us.


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