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pdvConnect Pro is the product for you if you want the option to photo document issues and/or want GPS location tracking of field workers. pdvConnect Pro provides all of the features and benefits of the standard product plus photo and GPS-based location capabilities. Take a look at some of the most compelling features and benefits of pdvConnect Pro in addition to the great features of pdvConnect Standard:

Photo documentation of field events Mitigate disputes with photo evidence of events in the field and as proof of completed work. Send photos to supervisors or experts to resolve problems
Location stamp message Know where your field workers are when they send in their issues and status
Location-stamp mobile time cards and ability to export time card reports with location Verify location when workers clock-in or clock-out
Real-time location identification of workers on a map and view current status Know your workers status and location to help manage their workflow
Locate closest worker to a specific address and send job details to that worker via text Dispatch workers quickly and efficiently, saving travel time
Review route of a field worker on a selected day Verify route efficiency, worker productivity, and mitigate issues
Listen to worker's last few messages from a map and respond with a text message Stay on top of the day’s events and worker’s location. Communicate with workers in the field safely
View all text messages and voice responses on a map Keep track of two-way conversations and know what was said when and where
View traffic report in route area Help manage workers travel time and get workers to their destinations on time
Manage location schedules Ensure employee tracking during paid work hours only
Get detailed message reporting that includes location, name, subject, account, voice documentation and reply information Review worker performance and track customer issues so you can reduce occurrences proactively
Automatic Geofence alerts let you know when workers arrive or depart a site without the need to call the office Improve accountability and better manage your mobile workers
Spend less time decrypting illegible writing with Wireless forms Improve productivity and reduce paperwork
Streamline the authentication process through esignature capabilities Reduce storage burden and improve efficiency with electronically stored data

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pdvConnect features vary based on the cellular carrier’s available features. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more information.

ABOUT pdvConnect

pdvConnect is an easy-to-use workforce management solution that not only tracks mobile workers via GPS, but also quickly captures and documents field activity and worker status.Offered in both Pro and Standard packages, pdvConnect helps companies and field staff communicate more efficiently and effectively in today’s mobile world.


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