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What is pdvConnect?

Easy and effective mobile worker tracking, communications, proof of service, reporting and more.
PDV Wireless pdvConnect phone

pdvConnect is an easy-to-use workforce management solution that not only tracks mobile workers via GPS, but allows them to quickly capture field activities and worker status as well as send optional photos with voice details back to the office. Eliminate wasted time, reduce fuel costs, and minimize calling the office, waiting on hold and filling out eligible forms.

PDV Wireless pdvConnect phone< Important details are a click away
Send information about issues or status back to the office using a mobile device. Send photos of issues, voice descriptions, pre-programmed subject lines, mobile forms with signature capture and time card data with the tap of an icon.


PDV Wireless pdvConnect screenshot< Stay informed and share important details
Obtain photos showing proof of performance, damage, claims, preexisting conditions along with location and a voice description. Archive, save or link to a CRM for future reference.


pdvConnect-pdvConnect Solutions

  • Locate and Track Mobile Workers
    • Geofences
    • GPS location-based tracking
  • Communicate Effectively
    • Report issues or status from a mobile device
    • Send outbound text and receive voice replies
    • Use mobile forms and signature capture
  • Manage Mobile Workers' Daily Activities
    • Prioritize, manage and archive all reported activities, issues and status updates
  • Get Reports
    • Obtain trending activity information
    • Standard or customized reporting formats

PDV Wireless pdvConnect screenshot< Prioritize at a Glance
View recognizable subjects via pdvConnect's secure web portal for easy sorting. Send text messages to mobile workers, which allows them to read and send voice replies when it is safe and legal for them. Archive for review at a later date.


PDV Wireless pdvConnect screenshot< Find Valuable, Trending Data Easily
Create reports based on archived messages, geofence events, location history, and administrators' activities. Report are easy to create and are designed to eliminate extraneous data that can bog you down and turn analysis into a chore.



  • Provide automatic proof of performance when the drivers enter and exit the geofence and reduce return trips to customers.
  • Automatic alerts let you know when workers arrive or depart a site without the need to call the office.
  • Helps keep your team accountable and your valuable assets safe.

< Import addresses to create your geofences quickly
View geofence activity on a map, dashboard or export to a CSV file.


GPS Location Tracking and Reports

  • Review route data to find ways to reduce overtime and improve route efficiency.
  • Get prompt answers to questions while in the field.
  • Dispatch workers faster to critical jobs.
  • Stay in control of the mobile workers daily activities, location/route history and performance.

< View routes, current locations, closest worker to an address plus, send text messages to mobile workers directly from the map view.


< Data Capture
Photos, time/date, location, forms, time cards, signature and predetermined subjects

Fast, Detailed Data Capture, Mobile Forms and Message Management

  • Send details that help prove service and mitigate disputes.
  • Increase the amount of productive work time and benefit from the associated revenue.
  • Communicate with mobile workers without wasting time on multiple calls, texts, or waiting on hold.
  • Spend less time entering data manually or decrypting illegible writing.
  • Allow larger ratios of workers in the field to dispatchers.

Industries Currently Using pdvConnect

  • Food and Beverage Distribution
  • Oil, Gas and Propane Delivery
  • Field Service
  • Electrical, Plumbers, HVAC Contractors and Repair
  • Utilities
  • Property Management
  • Waste
  • Construction
  • Health Care

ABOUT pdvConnect

pdvConnect is an easy-to-use workforce management solution that not only tracks mobile workers via GPS, but also quickly captures and documents field activity and worker status.Offered in both Pro and Standard packages, pdvConnect helps companies and field staff communicate more efficiently and effectively in today’s mobile world.


If you have any product questions, or you would like a pdvConnect salesperson to provide a webinar and a live demonstration of our pdvConnect solution for your business, please contact us.


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